Westways Magazine - La Colombiana



My recent publish for Westways Magazine featuring the San Clemente, CA restaurant La Colombiana. You can find the article in the March/April issue here

La Colombiana
Info: 1640 N. El Camino Real, Suite A, San Clemente. 
Colombian cuisine isn’t for the omnivores among us. At La Colombiana in San Clemente, virtually every dish is loaded with perfectly grilled, stewed, or griddled meat. Take the sobrebarriga (a stewed flank steak with potatoes, steamed yuca, rice, and a freshly griddled corn arepa, $16) and the bandeja colombiana (a mountain of carne asada, chorizo, beans, rice, an arepa, crisp pucks of plantain called patacones, and a fried egg, $17). But you can also make a meal out of the massive Colombian-style tamale ($11), which is swaddled in a banana leaf, studded with pork, chicken, peas, carrots, and potatoes, and served with rice and a small salad. La Colombiana does breakfast too.

Orange County food photographer 
Alan De Herrera