Food photography

Welcome to my food photography web site. If you're looking for an experienced food photographer for advertising, packaging, editorial, cookbook projects, menu boards or web site marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. With over 10 years of experience shooting for restaurants, hotels, cookbooks and large companies like Coca Cola, Subway and Jack Daniels, I can help you produce incredible images with competitive pricing. Food photography is considered one of the most complicated types of product photography so it's very important to hire someone who knows how to shoot food. Whether you need to shoot in a studio or at your location, I can provide you with the necessary insight on how best to structure your food photography photo shoot. I offer half-day, full-day and multi-day rates along with options to bring in a professional food stylist at various rates. 




Photos for marketing

Restaurants live and die by their marketing campaigns and with the advent of social media sites like Facebook, Blogger/Wordpress, Instagram and Twitter, restaurants need eye-catching images more than ever in order to attract new customers and stay relivent in the foodie community. People eat with their eyes first right? Shots from your cell phone just won’t cut it in today’s competitive online market. Building your brand with mediocre images just wont cut it. 

Making great images

Great food photography will bring out the colors, textures, contrasts and flavors of your food. And that’s why it’s so important to hire someone who knows how to shoot food in an exciting way. Food and drink photography is very challenging and requires a lot of specialized lighting equipment and expertise. Hiring a wedding photographer or portrait photographer to shoot your food just won’t cut it. Professional food photographers use very specialized equipment to shape and manipulate light in very artistic ways. We use lighting gear that would be used in no other type of photography. It's an artist and technically advanced process working in symbiotically. 

To get those amazing images you see in cookbooks and food magazines, you have to know a lot about how to properly light different types of foods and drinks. Each plate of food requires a different type of lighting set-up or approach. There is hard light, which simulates beautiful sunlight striking the plate, soft light for desserts and wine bottles, backlight and fill light to balance to help build textures and depth. You can’t do this just using natural light. On some shoots I’ll use as many as four or five strobe lights- each with a different type of modifier like a lightbox, snoot (spotlight) or an assortment of grid reflectors. Having excellent knowledge how to shape and control light in food photography is a must.



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