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Welcome to my food photography web site. My name is Alan De Herrera and I am extremely passionate about shooting food projects. If you're looking for an experienced food photographer for advertising, packaging, editorial, cookbook projects, menu boards or web site marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. With over 12 years of experience shooting for restaurants, hotels, cookbooks, magazines and large commercial clients like Coca Cola, Subway, my team and I can help you produce incredible images with competitive pricing. I also work with start-ups and small business quite regularly and off great affordable packages for smaller projects.

We can help you create strong visual, shareable content that conveys your brand's central message.


Producing high-quality content for marketing.


Food photography is considered one of the most complicated types of product photography and therefor, it's very important to hire someone who knows how to shoot and light food technically and artistically. Whether you need to shoot in a studio setting or on location, we can provide you with the necessary insight on how to structure your food photography shoot along with advice on how to be most cost efficient. We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day discounted rates along with options to bring in professional food stylists at competitive rates. More info

Strong imagery drives traffic. Traffic is attention and attention equals new customers.


Most aggressive marketers know video is the most powerful media content tool for web and social media marketing. The click-through rates for video on social can be over 1600% higher than photography and text-driven posts. Video marketing has exploded in the last couple years as more brands dive into the social media ad space and look to find better ways to create engaging content that will drive new customers and retain their current followers.

We can help you plan and execute high-quality and affordable video content to greatly enhance your marketing efforts. Visual storytelling is the essential new skill in everything marketing and social. This includes: micro-content, viral assets, interviews, how-to, long-form and story-driven video production.

Visual storytelling, when done correctly, has the potential to enhance loyalty, strengthen customer relationships, increase awareness and much more. Video portfolio


Food photography

Extensive portfolio of food and drink photography for commercial, editorial and restaurant clients. This page will give you a lot of information about how I approach my food photography projects in order to produce efficient photo shoots both in the studio and on location. More info

Micro-content video

Short video projects 15-60 seconds in length are the most powerful tool for micro storytelling. When produced correctly, they can bolster a social media campaign while being cost-efficient to shoot and edit. Multiple short videos can be shot in just one day of filming on location or in the studio. Stop-action, Recipe videos etc. More info

Story-telling videos

Longer form videos over 60 seconds in length are powerful storytelling tools. These short films can include interviews while showcasing personal stories along with a brand’s central message to customers. Great for your web site home page. More info


Product photography

A lot of the work I do requires the ability to shoot food-related products such as packaging and branded content, with challenging lighting requirements. Products can be very difficult for non-commercial photographers to shoot if they are not experienced working with materials like plastic, glass, metal or cardboard. Each requires a difference set of lighting skills and equipment in order to correctly modify the proper lighting, shadows, reflections, highlights and post-production touch-up work. More info


Food styling

Most photo shoots benefit tremendously from the services of a highly-skilled food stylist. A stylist can work with your chefs and creative team and help to keep make sure the food items are camera ready looking fresh and flawless. Sometimes this requires the use of specialized techniques and tools. We can help you asses wether you need to deploy a professional food stylist for your production. More info

Motion-control video

Motion-controlled 3-axis photography performed by a computer-controlled system. An innovative and stylized way to shoot food plating and cocktail shots. More info