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Riverside food photographer

Welcome to my Riverside food photography web site. My name is Alan De Herrera and I am extremely passionate about shooting food projects. If you're looking for an experienced food photographer for advertising, packaging, editorial, cookbook projects, menu boards or web site marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. With over 12 years of experience shooting for restaurants, hotels, cookbooks, magazines and large commercial clients like Coca Cola, Subway, my team and I can help you produce incredible images with competitive pricing. I also work with start-ups and small business quite regularly and off great affordable packages for smaller projects. Based out of Orange County, I routinely shoot in the Riverside area.

Strong visual content amplifies social media and web engagement.

Great food photography will bring out the colors, textures, contrasts and flavors of your food. And that’s why it’s so important to hire someone who knows how to shoot food in an exciting way. Food and drink photography is very challenging and requires a lot of specialized lighting equipment and expertise. Hiring a wedding photographer or portrait photographer to shoot your food just won’t cut it. Professional food photographers use very specialized equipment to shape and manipulate light in very artistic ways depending on your projects art direction and mood. It's an artistic and technically-advanced process working symbiotically.

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