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Story-telling video production


Incase you didn’t already know, Youtube (the world’s second largest search engine) is owned by Google (the world’s largest search engine). Utilizing video content on Youtube then embedding those video links into your webs site and social media posts, is a powerful tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So, if you haven’t been using video to promote your brand and drive traffic to your web site and other social platforms, then you’ve really been missing a huge opportunity to gain new followers and customers. We can help you change that fast!

The click-through rates for video on-line can be over 1600% higher than photography and text-driven posts. Video marketing has exploded in the last couple years as more brands dive into the social media ad space and look to find better ways to create engaging content that will drive new customers and retain their current followers. And there is no stronger tool than video.

The brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text.

Story-telling (videos usually 60+ seconds with interviews) video production is a powerful tool to help shape and promote your brand’s message integrating into your pre-existing marketing campaign. Long-form videos can be a fantastic tool to engage, education, inspire and motivate views on several platforms, to pay attention to your content. These longer videos are fantastic for your web site’s home page and platforms like blogs and Facebook.

We can help you plan and execute high-quality and affordable video to greatly enhance your marketing efforts. Visual storytelling, when done correctly, has the potential to enhance loyalty, strengthen customer relationships, increase awareness and much more.

Think of your business as a “media company,” consistently turning out hight-quality and engaging visual content to eager viewers.

Computerized motion-control shots for food plating and drinks

Computerized motion-control shots for food plating and drinks



Story-telling video portfolio

A 6-minute documentary about a hotel and chef in Norway.

A 3-minute branding video for Hidden House Coffee.

A 3-minute branding video about Gracie Bloo products.

A 5-minute branding video about executive chef Cody Storts and Grits restaurant.

A 2:45 minute about The Buffalo Spot restaurant franchise opportunities.

A 3:30 minute film about USC's Culinary Department. Featuring executive chef Eric Ernest and LA Urban Farms.

A 1:15 minute branding video for Mizu Sushi.

A 2-minute “How to prepare a fish” video for Terranea Resort.

A 1:30 minute branding video for Frida Cuisine.


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